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The ERP Program is built for you!

1/6/2023 (Permalink)

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SERVPRO Provides This App for Instant Contact During Emergencies

It is estimated that 50 percent of businesses that suffer extensive fire & smoke or water damage never recover. Don't become part of this statistic. Insurance policies, whether from a natural disaster, employee mishap, structural or equipment failure, may cover the damage, but how about goodwill, customer service, and loss of revenue? Interruption insurance may fill in the gaps, but no policy helps you to be proactive and either avert or be prepared for a calamity.

This is where your local SERVPRO franchise can help. The Department of Homeland Security has designated September as "National Preparedness Month" (NPM), and we want to do our part. Not all commercial accidents can be prevented, so at least be prepared. Whenever a blazing fire causes fire damage or rising groundwater results in flooding, prompt arrival of your local first responders is a key to mitigating losses. We have developed a software program which is a mobile app called the SERVPRO Emergency READY Profile (ERP.) This no-cost program is offered to all Tarpon residential and commercial property owners. We proudly serve our local communities and invite you to click here to gather information about this great benefit.

Whenever an office, a big box store, small boutique, a fabricating plant or a rental apartment building are victimized by a catastrophe, a rapid response by the fire and police departments and the EMS can stem the gravity of the loss of property and life. Plan ahead and request a SERVPRO rep to visit your place of business and with you do a comprehensive assessment of your layout. This service we provide to companies that designate SERVPRO of Tarpon as their disaster mitigation and restoration provider. We can indicate all vital points to address for shutting down utilities, evacuating staff, and other emergency priorities. By inputting all contact information, even facility blueprints, into this mobile program, you and your assigned team members, can readily make those first urgent calls to expedite assistance. We will visit your place of business annually to update any information.

This ERP program makes sense, is flexible in its usage and benefits, and can even be synced to other business connections like your computers, tablets, and smartphones. In times of stress, this app will help alleviate pressure and panic and provide you with a fast means of contacting the first responders and SERVPRO of Tarpon to mitigate losses. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster and are just a mobile app phone call away at (727) 934-5555.

Day 12: The Day My Wife Asked What I'm Doing Online All The Time

4/16/2020 (Permalink)

Day 12 I’m a little worried. My searches on Craigslist, AutoTrader, Ebay – you know, the hours I pore over the website at night after my early-bird wife falls asleep, am I the only one? – are becoming more and more random the longer this situation drags on. I believe I am looking for things, I am not sure what things but things that could potentially help our business. So far, I have looked at a pizzeria for sale in St. Pete, someone who had 9 paint sprayers with 17 ladders and another guy with a bucket truck. None of these are helpful to me but I did text two sellers to see if the items were still available. For anyone interested in a pizza shop or a bucket truck, I know a couple guys. In this era of social distancing, the bucket truck might make for a nice delivery vehicle. Over the years I have found some success with these searches. We now own dump trailers, portable storage units, a flatbed trailer, a couple of box trucks, an F150 and two forklifts -- thanks to past late night searches. I mean, why would you only have one forklift when you can have two? Not every online purchase is a winner. I did buy what I thought was a tow-behind smoker off the side of a guy’s house for $200. I had to put in another $800 to make it safe to pull around, and turns out it is a grill and not a smoker. I use it once a year. When our first son was born, I wanted to get Nora the best breast pump available. So obviously, you would search CL – right? I found what I thought was a steal of a deal. I drove to arguably the worst part of Tampa to the house, where three looking dudes were hanging out outside and immediately realized the deal was not the “steal” so to speak. I was happy to pay and get back into my truck as fast as possible. Anyway, I hope the COVID-19 pandemic passes sooner than later so I do not find myself looking into that plasma cutting equipment I saw. On the bright side, with all this time, we are going to look into retro-fitting the grill into a smoker this week for about $600 and we should have some ribs going on Friday. Feel free to stop just stay your distance. — JG

In our little city on the river, our Chamber of Commerce is also like a river

6/25/2018 (Permalink)

Executive Director, Jeremy George, being sworn in as Second Vice Chair of the Chamber’s Board of Directors.

Earlier this month, SERVPRO of West Pasco had the distinct honor of sponsoring the West Pasco Chamber of Commerce 74th Annual Awards Banquet. Our Executive Director, Jeremy George, was sworn in as Second Vice Chair of the Chamber’s Board of Directors and delivered the toast to end one successful year and begin the new one.

Saluting a room full of dedicated public servants and committed members of the business community, Jeremy raised his glass to the outgoing Chamber Board Chair, Derek Pontlitz, and the incoming Chair, Greg Armstrong, as well as retiring Chamber President Chip Wichmanowski and his successor, Liz Jeffin.

“In our little city on the river, our Chamber of Commerce is also like a river. It goes on and on forever, but it can do something a river cannot. It grows, changes, and becomes more purposeful through the years. As we transition to a new year tonight, I offer this toast to the West Pasco Chamber of Commerce: May we grow, thrive, and become more prosperous and more purposeful through the years.”

Cheers to the good work being carried out by the West Pasco Chamber of Commerce!

NAIFA - North Suncoast 27th Annual Golf Classic

5/8/2018 (Permalink)

Dallas making sure each "ambassador" gets plenty of attention.

On Friday 4/27/2018, SERVPRO of West Pasco took the opportunity to join NAIFA-North Suncoast for their 27th Annual Golf Classic to support the non-profit organization, Southeastern Guide Dogs.  Southeastern Guide Dogs: Serving those who cannot see and those who have seen too much.  

Hosting the hospitality tent on hole one, our team met great golfers as they completed the Crescent Oaks Golf Club course and we played with precious puppies, who were there as “ambassadors” to tell the story of Southeastern Guide Dogs. As we poured refreshing drinks and served delicious snacks, golfers generously filled our tip jar – with all the money going directly to the dogs.

As we wrapped up the day – with ice melted, drinks running dry, puppies exhausted from all the love and attention, and happy golfers admitting to missing more putts than they’d like - SERVPRO of West Pasco proudly presented to the organization more than $300 raised at our tent alone in one morning.

Thanks for all that came, played and supported the NAIFA and the Southeastern Guide Dogs.

Can you spell "timophilia"?

9/27/2016 (Permalink)

This is spelled wrong. The "Y" should be an 'I."

The SERVPRO team made a great run at the 14th Annual "Catch the Buzz" Spelling Bee, nailing words like zeppelin and sergeant, before losing on timophilia. But the event was still a win for us and the community, raising thousands of dollars for Youth And Family Alternatives and the West Pasco Chamber of Commerce. SERVPRO is proud to support these local efforts and the team is studying our Webster's dictionaries in preparation for next year's bee!

NAIFA Honors Wendy Stevens for Community Service

7/5/2016 (Permalink)

Wendy Stevens, Sales and Marketing Representative at SERVPRO of West Pasco, was honored for her community service by NAIFA North Suncoast

Congratulations to SERVPRO's own Wendy Stevens, who last week was awarded the 2016 Andrew Marinello Community Service Award by NAIFA North Suncoast.

Wendy was selected for the honor for her work with NAIFA North Suncoast, as well as for her commitment to the West Pasco community at large. She is active in NAIFA, helping recruit new members and supporting the organzation's many activities and events, including the annual charity golf tournament that raises funds for the Southeastern Guide Dogs.

Beyond NAIFA, Wendy is very active in several organizations and charitable pursuits. She is a member of the Rotary Club of Trinity and regularly cooks and serves meals at the RAP House and a local soup kitchen, while keeping active with organizations that support senior citizens and many other community activities. 

In 2000, NAIFA North Suncoast established the Marinello Award in honor of the group's co-founder and Charter President, who was well-known for his long and tireless service to NAIFA as well as his industry, church, and community. Mr. Marinello had a distinguished, 40-year career with Prudential and was president of the Rotary Club of Dunedin twice. Previous recipients include Suzanne Nading, Tiffany Drewes, and Carolyn Hersh. 

Congratulations, Wendy!